Kettlebell Halo

Skill Level  
Beginner IntermediateAdvanced
Main Muscle Groups Worked
Forearms Biceps Triceps
Deltoids TrapeziusChest
Latissimus Dorsi Upper Back Middle Back
Lower Back AbdominalsObliques
Gluteus Maximus QuadricepsHamstrings
Adductors/AbductorsCalves Intrinsic Feet Muscles


Kettlebell Halo Exercise Steps

  1. Bring the kettlebell to your chest, holding it upside-down by the handle.
  2. Rotate the kettlebell clockwise around your head, initially in large circles, gradually making the circles smaller until your hands and the kettlebell are just clearing your head. Be careful not to hit your head especially as you get tired.
  3. Repeat for 8-10 repetitions, then change to anticlockwise rotation.